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    • AUSTRALIA Environmental Due Diligence Loss Ends - Buyers and Sellers Beware CLAYTON UTZ
    •

    • BELGIUM Important Economic and Social Reform Announced Expected to Attract Investors NAUTADUTILH
    •

    • BRAZIL Brazilian Mining Industry Revitalization Program TOZZINIFREIRE
    •

    • CANADA Now You See It, Now You Donít: SCC Upholds Worldwide Injunction That Alters Google Search Results BENNETT JONES
    •

    • CHILE Public Bid Bicentennial Cable Car Concession CAREY
    •

    • COLOMBIA Special Stay Permit for Venezuelan Citizens BRIGARD URRUTIA
    •

    • HONG KONG Trade Description Ordinance - An expensive Omission? HOGAN LOVELLS
    •

    • INDONESIA New Mineral Export Rules & Implications ABNR
    •

    • MALAYSIA Federal Court Reasserts Independence of the Judiciary SKRINE
    •

    • NEW ZEALAND IP Report - Unjustified Threats - Putting Your Money Where Your Mouth Is SIMPSON GRIERSON
    •

    • PHILIPPINES BIR Guidelines on Credit-Debit-Prepaid Card Payment of Internal Revenue Taxes SyCipLaw
    •

    • TAIWAN Marking Documents "Confidential" Indicate "Reasonable Confidentiality Measures" Have Been Taken? LEE & LI
    •

    • TURKEY Alertó MPTL High Risk Insurance Pool GIDE
    •

    • UNITED STATES Stronger Patents Acts 2017 BAKER BOTTS
    •

    • UNITED STATES Draft Cybersecurity Legislation Would Impose Substantial New Obligations on Vendors Selling Interconnected Devices to the U.S. Government DAVIS WRIGHT TREMAINE
    •

    • UNITED STATES Ninth Circuit Bankruptcy Opinion Allows Property Sale Free and Clear of Leases GOODSILL ANDERSON QUINN & STIFEL
    •

    • Event - 62nd International PRAC Conference - Brazil - October 21 - 24, 2017
    •

    • Event - 63rd International PRAC Conference - Honolulu - April 21 - 24, 2018
    •

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City Country Firm
Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates Baker Botts
Agra India Kochhar & Co
Algiers Algeria GIDE
Alicante Spain Hogan Lovells
Amsterdam Netherlands NautaDutilh
Anchorage United States Davis Wright Tremaine
Arequipa Peru Muniz Law Firm
Atlanta United States Kochhar & Co
Auckland New Zealand Simpson Grierson
Austin United states Baker Botts
Baltimore United States Hogan Lovells
Bangalore India Kochhar & Co
Bangalore India Mulla & Mulla Craigie Blunt & Caroe
Barcelona Spain Rousaud Costas Duran
Beijing Rep Office China Bennett Jones
Beijing China Baker Botts
Beijing China GIDE
Beijing China Hogan Lovells
Belize City Belize Arias Fabrega & Fabrega
Bellevue United States Davis Wright Tremaine
Bogata Colombia Brigard & Urrrutia
Brasilia Brazil Tozzini Freire
Brisbane Australia Clayton Utz
Brussels Belgium Baker Botts
Brussels Belgium NautaDutilh
Budapest Hungary GIDE
Buenos Aires Argentina Allende & Brea
Calgary Canada Bennett Jones
Campinas Brazil Tozzini Freire
Canberra Australia Clayton Utz
Caracas Venezuela Hoet Pelaez Castillo & Duque
Casablanca Morocco GIDE
Caxias do Sul Brazil Tozzini Freire
Cebu City Philippines SyCip Salazar Hernandez & Gatmaitan
Chennai India Kochhar & Co
Christchurch New Zealand Simpson Grierson
Colorado Spr United States Hogan Lovells
Cusco Peru Muniz Law Firm
Dallas United states Baker Botts
Darwin Australia Clayton Utz
Davao Philippines SyCip Salazar Hernandez & Gatmaitan
Denver United States Hogan Lovells
Doha Qatar Bennett Jones
Dubai United Arab Emirates Bennett Jones
Dubai United Arab Emirates Baker Botts
Dubai United Arab Emirates Hogan Lovells
Dubai United Arab Emirates Kochhar & Co
Dusseldorf Germany Hogan Lovells
Edmonton Canada Bennett Jones
Frankfurt Germany Hogan Lovells
Geneva Switzerland Arias Fabrega & Fabrega
Guatemala City Guatemala Arias
Guayaquil Ecuador Muniz Law Firm
Hamburg Germany Hogan Lovells
Hamilton Bermuda Bennett Jones
Hanoi Vietnam GIDE
Hanoi Vietnam Hogan Lovells
Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam GIDE
Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam Hogan Lovells
Hong Kong Hong Kong Hogan Lovells
Honolulu United States Goodsill Anderson Quinn & Stifell
Houston United States Baker Botts
Hsinchu Taiwan Lee and Li
Hyderabad India Kochhar & Co
Ica Peru Muniz Law Firm
Istanbul Turkey GIDE
Jakarta Indonesia Ali Budiardjo Nugroho Reksodiputro
Kaohsiung Taiwan Lee and Li
Kiev Ukraine GIDE
Kuala Lumpur Malaysia SKRINE
Lima Peru Muniz Law Firm
London United Kingdom Arias Fabrega & Fabrega
London United Kingdom Baker Botts
London United Kingdom GIDE
London United Kingdom Hogan Lovells
London United Kingdom NautaDutilh
Los Angeles United States Davis Wright Tremaine
Los Angeles United States Hogan Lovells
Luxembourg Luxembourg NautaDutilh
Madrid Spain Rousaud Costas Duran
Manila Philippines SyCip Salazar Hernandez & Gatmaitan
Melbourne Australia Clayton Utz
Mexico City Mexico Santamarina y Steta
Miami United States Hogan Lovells
Milan Italy Hogan Lovells
Minagua Nicaragua Arias
Minneapolis United States Hogan Lovells
Monterrey Mexico Santamarina y Steta
Moscow Russia Baker Botts
Moscow Russia GIDE
Moscow Russia Hogan Lovells
Mumbai India Mulla & Mulla Craigie Blunt & Caroe
Munich Germany Hogan Lovells
New Delhi India Kochhar & Co
New York United States Bennett Jones
New York United States Davis Wright Tremaine
New York United States GIDE
New York United States Hogan Lovells
New York United States NautaDutilh
New York United States Tozzini Freire
New York United states Baker Botts
North Virginia United States Hogan Lovells
Ottawa Canada Bennett Jones
Palo Alto Silicon Valley United States Hogan Lovells
Palo Alto United states Baker Botts
Panama City Panama Arias Fabrega & Fabrega
Paris France Gide
Perth Australia Clayton Utz
Philadephia United States Hogan Lovells
Piura Peru Muniz Law Firm
Portland United States Davis Wright Tremaine
Porto Alegre Brazil Tozzini Freire
Quertaro Mexico Santamarina y Steta
Quito Ecuador Muniz Law Firm
Rio de Janeiro Brazil Baker Botts
Rio de Janeiro Brazil Tozzini Freire
Riyadh (association) Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Hogan Lovells
Riyadh Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Baker Botts
Rome Italy Hogan Lovells
Rotterdam Netherlands NautaDutilh
San Francisco United States Davis Wright Tremaine
San Francisco United States Hogan Lovells
San Francisco United states Baker Botts
San Jose Costa Rica Arias
San Pedro Honduras Arias
San Salvador El Salvador Arias
Santiago Chile Carey y Cia
Sao Paulo Brazil Tozzini Freire
Seattle United States Davis Wright Tremaine
Seoul S. Korea Kim Chang & Lee
Shanghai China Davis Wright Tremaine
Shanghai China GIDE
Shanghai China Hogan Lovells
Singapore Singapore Dentons Rodyk
Subic Philippines SyCip Salazar Hernandez & Gatmaitan
Sydney Australia Clayton Utz
Taichung Taiwan Lee and Li
Tainan Taiwan Lee and Li
Taipei Taiwan Lee and Li
Tegucigalpa Honduras Arias
Tijuana Mexico Santamarina y Steta
Tokyo Japan Hogan Lovells
Toronto Canada Bennett Jones
Tortola British Virgin Islands Arias Fabrega & Fabrega
Trujuillo Peru Muniz Law Firm
Tunis Tunisia GIDE
Ulaanbaatar Mongolia Hogan Lovells
Vancouver Canada Richards Buell
Warsaw Poland GIDE
Warsaw Poland Hogan Lovells
Washington United States Hogan Lovells
Wellington New Zealand Simpson Grierson
Zagreb Croatia Hogan Lovells